1950s - Memorial services to King George VI

Saturday, February 16, 1952

Winchester –
Services on Sunday last, in every type of church and chapel, in town and country alike, provided an opportunity for some of the things to be said that were in our hearts. Many places held full memorial services to King George VI, but even where that was not done, tributes to his Christian leadership were paid and prayers said for his family, and particularly his daughter, upon whom the burdens of State have descended. The Bishop of Winchester (Dr. Mervyn Haigh) referred to the way in which both King George V and King George VI had been true fathers to their people, had blessed the country with a good and gracious Queen, and had done much to uphold the nation and Commonwealth through the trials of war.

March 1st – 8th is to be a “Squirrel Week” in the county, with owners of woodlands, copses, etc., asked to make a co-ordinated effort to reduce their numbers. Shooting, tunnel traps and break-back traps are the more successful methods. The grey squirrel has spread with amazing rapidity. In the early war years, we heard that some were about in the woods north of Petersfield. Now woodlands everywhere have become infested, including the New Forest.

Hampshire Water Board decided to do “nothing about the matter,” when the City Engineer reported that the force of water passing through the by-pass sluice at Wharf Mill, The Weirs, Winchester, had caused a good deal of erosion to the banks which support the Corporation’s gardens. The Board’s Engineer said the owner should carry out such works necessary to protect his property

Broughton – One of the first priests to take allegiance to the new Queen, the Rev Norman Godfrey Powell, was instituted to the benefice of Broughton-cum-Bossington at St Mary’s Church, Broughton, on Wednesday, only eight hours after the announcement of the King’s death. The Rev Powell, a married man with three children, comes to Broughton from Kingsley, where for eight years he was Vicar. He was educated at Portsmouth Grammar School, studying later at Chichester Theological College, and being ordained in 1933.
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